Maria Smertnig

Maria Smertnig AT
Gablern 55 | 9141 Eberndorf

Born on September 3rd, 1970 / Klagenfurt
09/2019 Marriage to DI C. Alexander Smertnig
10/2019 Birth of their son Constantin

1976 - 1980 elementary school in Eberndorf
1980 - 1988 Federal Gymnasium for Slovenes in Klagenfurt
1988 - 1997 architecture studies at the Technical University of Vienna
1995 - 1996 Architecture studies at the “Escola D'Arquitectura Del Valles” in Barcelona / Spain
1997 diploma with Prof. Richter, Vienna University of Technology
2002 civil engineer exam

1998 foundation of “group_g4 architektur” realization of own projects in the field of architecture and art
1997-2003 worked in the office of Univ. Prof. Architect DI Rüdiger Lainer
2003 swearing in as an architect
05/2003 Founding of the “architekturbox ZT GMBH” together with DI C. Alexander Smertnig