Sabina Grincevičiūtė, © Audrius Solominas, Photographer: Audrius Solominas

Sabina Grincevičiūtė LT
| Vilnius, Lithuania

Sabina Grincevičiūtė (Sabina Daugelienė) (b. 23 August 1987, Šakiai, Lithuania), chief architect, founder and managing partner of the studio DO ARCHITECTS One of the initiators and pioneers of the Lithuanian Foundation of Architecture, currently one of the main stateholders of Lithuanian Foundation of Architecture; an active and visible representative of the young generation of Lithuanian architects. Currently lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2006-2010 Bachelor degree of Architecture from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Architecture (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2009 - Exchange Program at Sttutgart Technical University in Germany (Sttutgart, Germany)

2010 - Architect of Paleko Arch Studios, Vilnius, Lithuania
since 2013 - Founder and managing partner of the studio "DO ARCHITECTS", Vilnius, Lithuania

- Awarded the main prize of the Lithuanian Architecture Exhibition “Look at Yourself” “1/5 metro”: for the realization of the Museum of Modern Art (with others, 2017–2018).
- Won the Environmental Award for the City of Ogmia for the best urban work (2018).
- LNTPA (Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association) Award for the City of Ogmia for the best multifunctional conversion (2018).
- Nominated for the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture, the German architect Mies van der Rohe Prize.

Highlight Projects in Architecture and Urbanism:
- MO Modern Art Center in Vilnius, LT (with Daniel Libeskind, 2015–2018),
- Concept and Implementation of Public Spaces and Buildings in Ogmia Territory in Vilnius, LT (ongoing since 2011),
- Concept and Implementation of Public Spaces by the Water in Svencelė in Klaipėda, LT (ongoing since 2008),
- Missionary Houses in Subačiaus st. Vilnius Oldtown, LT (2014–2020),
- Health and Recreation Complex D.Kuverto str. Renovation in Neringa, LT (ongoing since 2017),
- Reconstruction of an apartment building in Raugyklos str. In Vilnius, LT (ongoing since 2016),
- Porche car service station with administrative premises in Vilnius (2015),
- Svencelė port administrative building (with others, 2011),
- Power Kite and Sailing Center, hotel and cafe in Svencelė (with others, 2009–2012),
- Hotel “Lijo” (with other, 2006-2008) in Gargždai