Jutta Woertl-Goessler

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Wolfganggasse 12 | 1120 Wien

Jutta Wörtl-Gössler is member of chamber of architects, legalized as civil engineer. Together with Uli Machold she is “RfM Räume für Menschen_Architektur”. She studied architecture in the Academy of fine Arts, Vienna, in the Masterclass of Timo Penttilä.

MAIN AREAS OF WORK: Sacred buildings, residential, co-housing projects, straw bale and clay buildings, DIY, property redevelopment, urban and spatial redevelopment, inner-city redensification, interiors, research, social engaged art, performance

SUSTAINABILITY she is a certified straw bale builder and able to lead the building process with amateurs on site, she currently executes a pilot co- housing project for integration, using DIY for healthy, sustainable materials in affordable housing projects RESEARCH She designed different research projects dealing with urban transformation and sustainability. URBAN RENEWAL She collected experiences while working in Urban renewal leading e.g. the renewal process of Wiental, the "Proplemhaus-Gipfel", visits to refurbishment construction-sites etc. Furthermore her experience in refurbishment as architect gives her a close understanding of obstacles for refurbishment and benefits of cross property decisions. URBAN PLANNING When working on the implementation of the National-Park Gesäuse she resigned a federal road, refurbished run-down parking lots, designed infrastructure facilities and did the information design. SOCIAL ENGAGED ART-PROJECTS: In her projects she involves people creating pieces of art and putting them together into one common piece for everybody. PUBLICATIONS/MEDIAL EDITORIAL She did reports on her research works, artistic practices, architectural education projects, urban renewal processes, studies for National Park Gesäuse etc.