Smart Block and Smart Block II Energy

Jutta Woertl-Goessler

Development of cross-property solutions in the areas of energy, mobility and financing, and refurbishment using integrative planning
The innovative nature of this project lies in expanding existing multi-property methods by the aspects of a smart city (energy, mobility and alternative financing solutions, always considering the residents). Tested technologies, services and models for urban environments should become applicable for new uses: Cross-property conditions with corresponding property law complexity, different financial power and willingness to invest of the property owners/residents, different access to energy supply and efficiency, mobility patterns, community institutions, etc.
• Cross-property energy system with/use of renewable energy
• Development of site-specific alternative urban mobility concepts
• Development of alternative financing models for energy and mobility supply
• Creating communication structures and process models for the implementation of a “Smart Block” for joint refurbishment
As to results and findings for the implementation of SMART BLOCK DEMO there will be on hand:
• Communication structures: A structure for property owners is created, which in the demo project negotiates individual interests, allows joint renovation including connecting courtyards and establishes a multi-property heating system with a decentralized anergy-net within the block. The advisory board includes all relevant players and groups. This committee provides technical support and also serves to balance interests.
• Content-related findings: Experiences of two multi-property renovations were evaluated and the benefits compiled. The mobility structure (potential and risks) were evaluated in order to put together a mobility package for residents during the demo project.
• Legal frame conditions for cross-property planning, renovation and billing of a joint heating system are examined. Alternative financing models were applied.

Planning partners: Uli Machold, together with ÖGUT Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik, komobile GmbH, Zeininger Architekten, Martin Gruber

Client: Klima- und Energiefonds

Category: Science and Research, Building Redevelopment

Project Gallery

Smart Block, © RfM Räume für Menschen Architektur, Photographer: RfM Räume für Menschen Architektur
Smart Block
Workshop im Klimafonds, © RfM Räume für Menschen Architektur, Photographer: RfM Räume für Menschen Architektur
Workshop im Klimafonds
Integrative Energy- and Mobility-Conzept, © RfM Räume für Menschen Architektur, Photographer: RfM Räume für Menschen Architektur
Integrative Energy- and Mobility-Conzept