Iris Reiter, © Iris Reiter, Photographer: Johannes Plattner

Iris Reiter AT
höttinger gasse 12 | 6020 innsbruck

1972 Iris Teiml, BORN in Salzburg

1995 - 1996 Univ. Tutor at the Institute for Building Theory, Graz University of Technology - Prof. Günter Domenig
1998 Diploma in Architecture from the Technical University in Graz Prof. Pierre-Alain Croset
1998-1999 collaboration with Arch-Consult Graz
1999-2005 collaboration with Riepl Riepl Architects in Linz
2003-2005 member of the board of the AFO - Architekturforum Oberösterreich in Linz, Upper Austria
2004 Organization of the Upper Austria Architecture Days
Since 2005 self-employed in Innsbruck
2005-2007 freelance work at Wiesflecker Architects, Innsbruck
2005-2014 freelance work at Riepl Riepl Architects, Linz
Since 2015 foundation of civil engineering office, ir ‘ in Innsbruck, Tirol

Projects / Prices:

2008 2nd place - competition Eugenpark Innsbruck, Tyrol in coop. with Reitter Architekten
2011 Recognition Award - Headquarters Gebrüder Weiss Lauterach, Vorarlberg in coop. with Querformat ZT GmbH
2016 Recognition Award - Housing Competition South Tyrolean Estate Wörgl, Tyrol
2017 winner of the competition for residential buildings in Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Salzburg together with LP Architektur
2017 winner- EU-wide open competition ZWI in Graz
(ZWI: Center for Knowledge+ Innovation Transfer / Unicorn ) in coop. with leb-idris architektur
Since 2018 Jury member of the competition committee of the Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants for Tyrol and Vorarlberg
Since 2019 board member of the Central Association of Architects - Tyrol Section
2019 winner - competition Das RaiQa Quartier Innsbruck Mitte, Tyrol in coop. with hertl.architekten
2019 3rd place - EU-wide open competition to increase the HTL-Anischstraße Innsbruck, Tyrol in coop. with hertl.architekten
2020 Recognition Award - EU-wide open competition, redesign of Bozner Platz Innsbruck, Tyrol
in coop with DnD lanndscapeplaning
2021 BIG SEE AWARD for the, Unicorn ‘together with leb-idris architektur
2021 Nomination for the builder award of ZV-Austria for the, Unicorn ‘in coop. with leb-idris
2021 3rd place - House of Nature competition in Pitztal, Tyrol in coop. with Studio-Lois
2021 3rd place – Markethouse competition in Telfs, Tyrol in coop. with Studio-Lois
2021 winner - competition ,Villa Benedikta‘ Absam Tyrol in coop. with Studio-Lois
2021 winner - competition ,vicarage‘ Mathon, Tyrol in coop. with Studio-Lois
2022 3rd place – ,House of the child‘ competition in Oberhofen, Tyrol in coop. with Studio-Lois
2022 3rd place – ,Roof Structure Museumsst. 9-11‘, Innsbruck in coop. with Hertl-Architekten