Ingrid Taillandier, © ©Gaela_Blandy, Photographer: Gaëla Blandy

Ingrid Taillandier FR
66, rue de Turenne | 75003 PARIS

1998 // Master of Sciences in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University, New York (USA)

2000 // Registered architect DPLG, ENSA Paris-Belleville (FR)

2005 - 2011 // Associate Professor of architectural projects, ENSA Paris-La Villette (FR)

2006 // Creation of ITAR architectures

2009 // Curator of exhibition “The Invention of the European Tower”, Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris (FR)

Since 2011 // Associate Professor of architectural projects, ENSA Versailles (FR)

Since 2016 // Director of the Franco-Chinese double-master "Ecological Urbanism” ENSA Versailles (FR) & Tongji University in Shanghai (CN)

2017 // French distinction “Chevalier des Ordres des Arts et des Lettres”

2017 // Special Prize for Women Architects (FR)

A registered architect in France since 2000, Ingrid Taillandier began developing three main areas of architectural endeavor: Practice (her own office ITAR architectures, created in 2006 after earlier collaborations with Richard Meier and Behnish & partners), Writing (in AMC, TOPOS) and Teaching at the Versailles School of Architecture in Paris. As a project manager for Philippe Gazeau Architect (2000-2002), she was in charge of complex programs in which theory went head to head with practice allowed her, earlier on, to compare theory versus practice. Ingrid holds a graduate degree from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture, and a master’s degree from Columbia University in New York City. Her interest in density and high-rise buildings inspired her write several articles on these specific topics and give lectures around the world. In 2009, she curated the “The Invention of the European Tower” Exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris.

She won the EDF competition “Bas Carbone” (low carbon) in 2011 for her renovation project of 5 towers dating from the ’70s in St Pierre des Corps thanks to its implementation of solutions for environmental issues. She is currently building two apartment towers in France, one in Paris and one Lyon. An architect committed to urban renewal through an architecture focused on the quality of uses and common spaces aiming to strengthen social bonds, her work and her reflections have been warmly welcomed in France, garnering her the Special Prize for Women Architects in 2016 (Prix Spécial des Femmes Architectes). She is also Director of the Franco-Chinese double-master "ECOLOGICAL URBANISM" offered jointly by the ENSA Versailles and the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University in Shanghai.