Sophie Berthelier

Sophie Berthelier FR
29 rue Hippolyte Maindron | 75015 PARIS

Sophie Berthelier

Architect DPLG
SBBT Architecture FOUNDER
GENERAL SECRETARY of the academy of architecture

full member of the academy of architecture

ARVHA & Ministère de la culture

Academy of Architecture


Trained at the school of architecture Paris La Seine, Sophie Berthelier founded her BFT agency in 1992, then SBBT Architecture in 2008.

In 2012, she was awarded the silver medal of the Dejan Prize by the Academy of Architecture, endorsing and consecrating her commitment to an ever-challenging dynamic.

In 2017 Sophie Berthelier was elected « Woman Architect », a prize awarded by ARVHA with the support of the Ministery of Culture.

In 2018, Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France Region, nominated her for the first edition of the Elle de France Trophées in the creation category with other representative women. As part of her research on new readings of space, she organized her team to represent the French Pavilion in Venice on the theme of FreeSpace. She also participated in the Venice Biennale OFF where she was exhibited at the European Cultural Center, Palazzo Mora.

Her professional path is marked by creations that have always reflected her research on light, materials, space and especially the place of the human in places of life.
Today, this work of creations and realizations finds its incarnation in the development and transmission of two major concepts that she has established :
High Architectural Quality and Sensitive Architecture. She creates this movement in 2019 that launches the reflection on the fundamental qualities for the well-being of everyone.

In a committed way, different fields of expression have structured this need to not stop giving architecture its primary place.
As a speaker, she carried the idea of her research and especially explained how the realizations that she was able to produce carried each the mark of this reading of a sensitive architecture. She spoke in several conferences in Paris, Strasbourg, Orléans, Bordeaux, Houston US, Venice. In April 2021, she will participate in the APACT conference on architecture and the autonomy of its users.

During exhibitions where she also commits to testify of her vision on the knotting between space, time, volumes and materials: in Buenos Aires with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Madrid with the French Institute of Architecture, in Düsseldorf, Basel, Paris with numerous interventions.

In Venice, in 2008, she and her associates were among the selected teams and presented at the French Pavilion for the Architecture Biennale.

As a Designer, she is engaged in a close and renewed collaboration with specialists in new materials, both in France and abroad. She was able to realize a series for a line of urban furniture, exposed in different galleries -VIA-XLART-Galerie Satellite.


Her eye on spaces, volumes, light and materials was recognized by her congeners. Her energy and commitment have been deployed in different fields, which have gone beyond the limits of France, making her reading of architecture heard in different foreign cities: Buenos Aires, Madrid, Sao Paulo or Düsseldorf.

In Paris, Sophie Berthelier participated in numerous interventions and expositions at the at the Cité d’Architecture et du Patrimoine.

Of her achievements, she retains her first competition won for the Lycée Rémi Belleau in Nogent le Rotrou for which she developed sunbreakers in perforated sheet metal. This precise choice of materials can be seen in her latest projects: the LUMI project in Bordeaux, the Anatole France school in Charenton-le-Pont, the Simone Veil school group in Vincennes and the Le Corbusier high school in Illkirch-Graffenstaden.

In 2019, she proposed a study on the high school of the future integrated into the high school project in Hanches. She offers bio-sourced materials as well as products from recycling. This low-carbon approach allows to obtain the E3C2 label.

Committed to a poetic and sensitive architectural approach, she is a regular speaker at various conferences and is particularly interested in health, the Healthy Habitat and the High School of the future. Various publications called upon her knowledge, practice and expertise, on materials, facades or sustainable development, but especially on her innovative readings of architecture.

Sophie Berthelier is also involved as a designer, in a close and renewed collection with specialists in new materials. She has created series for a line of urban furniture, exhibited in various galleries - VIA-XLART.