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Mehlplatz 1/1 | 8010 Graz

Nicole Lam (*01/1976, Graz) runs the architecture office LAM ARCHITEKTUR STUDIO in Graz. The practice's terse appearance on the web offers no images or references of any kind and one learns about their successful work only through talking to insiders. For Lam architecture means, at one and the same time, more and less than just designing buildings: more, because she feels responsible for more than just the building itself: "We have a responsibility to our clients in terms of costs and we should also create additional value for the public." Less, because the design of buildings is integrated in a more comprehensive concept of life. "I want the kind of office that it is a pleasant place to work,” she says with great conviction. “We work hard from Monday to Thursday, whilst it remains closed from Friday to Sunday.” The concept of art as a way of living is not that surprising, if one takes a look at her wide range of interests and cosmopolitan career. Lam studied at the TU Graz, at the academies of art in Antwerp and in Hong Kong. In 2003 she submitted her graduation thesis on an urban theme inspired by the Far East, after graduating she worked for seven years in the practice of Riegler Riewe in Graz. In 2010 she opened her own office, she also teaches building construction at the TU Graz.
Text: Matthias Boeckl

1997 - 2003 Architectural Studies, Graz University of Technology, Austria
1999 Architectural Studies, Hogeschool Antwerpen, Belgium
2003 Diploma Thesis in Architecture, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong under supervision of Univ. Prof. Arch. DI Roger Riewe

2003 - 2010 Architect at Riegler Riewe Architekten, Austria
since 2010 Founder of LAM ARCHITEKTUR STUDIO, Austria
since 2010 Visiting Lecturer, Construction 3 and 4, Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz, Austria
since 2012 Visiting Lecturer, Materialisation 2 Building Site Visits, Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz, Austria

2020 GerambRose, Kai 36
2021 Styrian Architecture Award, Recognition, Kai 36
2022 EU Mies Award, Nominee, Kai 36