Jasmin Leb-Idris

Jasmin Leb-Idris AT

Königsmühlstrasse 7 | 8043 Graz

1971 Jasmin Idris, born in Graz, parts of childhood in Homs, Syria

1990-93 Studies of Art History and Stage Design
1997 - 1999 Univ. Tutor at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, Graz University of Technology - Prof. Hans Kuppelwieser
1997-2000 intense occupation with film and architecture, film presentations at 3d biennale of film and architechture, Graz; Diagonale 98, Graz; Contemporary Video+film, St. Louis, Michigan
1999 Diploma in Architecture from the Technical University in Graz Prof. Joost Meuwissen
2004 foundation of civil engineering office leb idris architektur in Graz, Styria
2008 foundation of the research group W:A:B, on alternative housing models and co-housing
Since 2004 Jury member of the competition committee of the Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants for Styria and Carinthia
Since 2005 board member of the Central Association of Architects - Styria Section

recent Projects / Prices:

2021 Unicorn - Center for Knowledge and Innovation Transfer, University Graz (EU-wide open competition/ Winner) in coop. with iris reiter, Nomination for the builder award of ZV-Austria, BIG SEE AWARD
2020 Residential complex, Gratkorn, Styria
2020 extension AAU University Campus Klagenfurt, in coop. with tritthart.herbst (EU-wide competition/ 2rd place)
2017 Women´s Refuge, Graz (Competition/ Winner), Nomination for the builder award of ZV-Austria
2014 Redevelopment – Youth Center Andritz, Graz
2013 Supervised dormitory, Wohnplattform Steiermark, Baiernstraße Graz
2013 Residential complex, Lebring, Styria
2010 Redevelopment, loft conversion Morellenfeldgasse, Graz
2009 Supervised dormitory, Wohnplattform Steiermark, Grabenstrasse, Graz (price for decent living)