Gilma Teodora Gylytė

Gilma Teodora Gylytė LT
| Vilnius, Lithuania

Gilma Teodora Gylytė (b. 3 April 1984, Vilnius Lithuania) is a driving force in human oriented architecture, where she is pushing for innovative and tremendous changes in Lithuania. She co-founded DO ARCHITECTS in 2013 and is renowned for many creative yet mundane projects. She strongly believes that even largest scale developments must be designed in human scale.

Gilma is chief architect, founder and partner of the studio DO ARCHITECTS, member of the Council of the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects, member Lithuanian Union of Architects. Architect qualification in special and non-special buildings, including buildings located in the territory of a cultural heritage site, protection zone or cultural heritage site in Lithuania. She is an active and visible representative of the young generation of Lithuanian architects. She currently lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Gilma leads projects which create significant positive impact and inspire others around. She created the concept and the prototype design of Naugarduko street-park in Vilnius, which led to the creation of the official City of Vilnius Street Design Manual – the first in the Baltics. She is well-known for transformations of Soviet-era projects, such as State-Kindergardten “Peledziukas”, where the restrictive kindergarten routine was significantly changed, and Urban Conversion of Ogmios quarter from a military base to a public and commercial area. Gilma works a lot in integrating contemporary architecture into protected heritage areas, such as Vainiai Pallace Conversion into a public space, food market, offices and apartments; or an ongoing Lyceum and Hotel complex project near protected heritage site of baroque Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob, and dozen of other projects.

Gilma Teodora Gylyte, together with DO ARCHITECTS colleagues, has been nominated 6 times for Europe's most prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award for Contemporary Architecture, won 5 main prizes at annual Lithuanian Contemporary Architecture Awards.

Gilma is an influential voice of a new generation of architects in Lithuania – she gives key-note speaches in public debates and lectures, international conferences and cultural institutions, writes articles on a meaningful topics. Gilma vigorously brings people and organisations together to create possitive urban impacts for everyday life.


2015- Lithuanian Chamber of Architects, Architect qualification certificate
2006-2008 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Master's degree in architecture (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2006-2006 Exchange of the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabrio, Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
2002-2006 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Bachelor of Architecture (Vilnius, Lithuania)
1997-2001 Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis School of Art, specialty of painting (Vilnius, Lithuania)
1990-1998 Vilnius B. Dvarionas Music School, specialty of conductor (Vilnius, Lithuania)

International nominations at the European Contemporary Architecture Awards "Mies van der Rohe awards"
2020-2022 Conversion of Vainiai Palace “Senators' Passage” in Vilnius, Lithuania
2020-2022 Urban transformation of Ogmios city public spaces in Vilnius, Lithuania
2020-2022 Villa in Giruliai, Lithuania
2019 MO Museum (with Daniel Libeskind) in Vilnius, Lithuania
2015 House 36 in Stuttgart (with MBA / S)
2013 Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga, Latvia (working with Processoffice and Andrius Skiezgelas Architecture)

Lithuanian Contemporary Architecture Awards “A Look at Yourself”
2019-2020 Main prize (1/5 metro), Vainiai Palace conversion “Senators' Passage” in Vilnius
2017-2018 Main prize (1/5 metro), MO Museum in Vilnius (together with Daniel Libeskind)
2015-2016 Main prize (1/5 metro), Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga (working with Processoffice and Andrius Skiezgelas Architecture)

- Tolminkiemio gymnasium, Vilnius, Lithuania / Ongoing
- Reconstruction of administrative buildings, construction project of a hotel building (Lyceum and hotel with conference center), Vilnius, Lithuania / Ongoing
- Vainai Palace renewal (Senators' Passage), Oldtown of Vilnius (UNSECO Heritage site territory), part of the overhaul, administrative building / Vilnius, simple repair project / implemented
- Pedestrian bridge (Albert bridge) across the Neris river, from A. Goštauto str. to Upės st., Vilnius, Lithuania / under construction, ongoing
- Administrative building (Vinted) Vilnius, Lithuania / Built (together with the Creative Group of Architecture)
- Administrative building (SEB) Vilnius, Lithuania / Built (together with the Creative Group of Architecture)
- Center for Modern Art (MO) Vilnius, Lithuania / Built (together with Studio Libeskind)
- Administrative building (Altspace) Vilnius, Lithuania / Built
- Missionary house, apartment building Vilnius Oldtown territory, Lithuania / Built
- Administrative bank buildings Vilnius, Lithuania / Built
- Administrative building Dainavos str. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania / Under construction, ongoing
- Modular-mobile kindergarten - at the initiative of DO ARCHITECTS for better public education/ Vilnius, Lithuania
- Kindergarten "Owl" Pagirių village, Vilnius district, Lithuania / Built
- Pre-school Education Space Modernization Project - Spatial Modernization Recommendations for Kindergartens
- Apartment house Dižioji str. 6, Oldtown territory, Vilnius, Lithuania, overhaul project / Built
- Apartment house Arklių str. 6, Oldtown territory, Vilnius, Lithuania, overhaul project / Built
- Reconstruction of the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMM), Riga, Latvia / Built (together with ProcessOffice)
- Experimental house H36, Stuttgart / Built (together with MBA / S)

- Concept development of Vilnius bus station territory and its access / Vilnius, Lithuania
- Creative workshop for the concept basis of the re-use of the buildings and territory of the Lukiškės prison in Vilnius (herritage site and building re-use by preservation of existing structures)/ Vilnius, Lithuania
- Vilnius Railway Station Territory Transformation Recommendations (preparations for international contest), Vilnius / Vilnius, Lithuania
- Preparation of baseline data analysis and scheme for the Urban Development Strategy / Vilnius, Lithuania
- The concept of the multifunctional center Šilutės pl.103 / Klaipėda, Lithuania
- Urban concept of Klaipėda Free Economic Zone FEZ territory (412 ha) / Klaipėda, Lithuania
- Ogmia Center territory development concept between Verkiai, Lakūnų, Kubiliaus and Lukšio streets / Vilnius, Lithuania
- Urban Regeneration Concept of Sydney Quay, Sydney / Sydney, Australia
- De Draai, townhouse on the water / Heerhugoward, Netherlands