anotHERVIEWture Award

annual award for excellence in
female engineering sciences and architecture

The anotHERVIEWture AWARD introduces women and their work to you and a broader public in order to raise awareness of the female contribution in the building industry and engineering in order to highlight role models and to transform this field of profession towards equality and diversity.



Doris Schmidauer, Photographer: Wolfgang Zajc

Doris Schmidauer AT

Consultant and Motivator

It is with great pleasure that I take over the honorary patronage for the anotHERVIEWture Award. This project was initiated by women in technology for women in technology and the extraordinary commitment of the committee 'Ziviltechnikerinnen Österreichs' of the Federal Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers is exemplary, effective and, in my view, deserves broad support.


The anotHERVIEWture AWARD is supported by:
Doris Schmidauer, Photographer: Wolfgang Zajc Consultant and Motivator

Doris Schmidauer AT

In all professions where women are still underrepresented, it is important not to leave them behind but to promote, support, and highlight their achievements. Thus, I am fully convinced that this award substantially contributes to the empowerment of women in technical professions and creates role models for young female Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants. Their achievements are and will be essential in the efforts to achieve climate goals and create a built environment that is fit for all challenges caused by climate change. I encourage all women in architecture and engineering to participate and contribute towards a future where women in technical professions are equally represented and visible!
Leonore Gewessler Austrian Minister for Climate Action

Leonore Gewessler AT

Architects and chartered engineering consultants are responsible for crucial developments that bring us closer to climate neutrality in 2040. In this field, where women are clearly underrepresented, it is important to not forget but showcase their contributions. Giving women this platform to present their outstanding and innovative projects not only empowers them but underlines the need to view necessary changes as a combined effort.
Monika Vana, Photographer: Maria Noi Member of the European Parliament

Monika Vana AT

The young women of today are the leaders of tomorrow - the future is female! The great achievements of women must be visible and we need to support, embrace and empower each other. Women in STEM disciplines lead to diversity in scope and better outcome. And even though there are already many role models today, it is still crucial to encourage women's participation in technical and high-level jobs by overcoming educational barriers and the „glass ceiling“ from an early stage on!
Renate Kicker Chairperson of the Human Rights Advisory Council to the Austrian Ombudsman Institution

Renate Kicker AT

I support this award, which brings to light the views of women – an initiative to foster gender equality in a male dominated professional environment
Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger, Photographer: BUWOG / Stephan Huger Director Marketing & Communication, BUWOG Group

Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger AT

As in so many industries, in architecture women often remain under the radar. This is despite the fact that in the last few decades, a large number of significant architectural achievements that have considerably shaped, designed or influenced cities have originated from women. It is incredibly important for the industry to have a diverse perspective, so I applaud all the women who are committed to using their vision to drive the future of architecture, and in doing so, also act as role models for the next generation of young, motivated female architects.
Karina Bruckner General Secretary, Federal Chamber of Architects and chartered Engineering Consultants

Karina Bruckner AT

The anotHERVIEWture award has managed to highlight women's achievements in engineering and architecture in a manner that's unique in Austria. Its success speaks for itself and I am pleased to see this success story continued.
Raffaela Lackner, Photographer: Gerhard Maurer CEO, Architektur Haus Kärnten

Raffaela Lackner AT

Women build no differently than their male colleagues, but building women take up less space in society's perception. For many years, however, the story of these women has hardly been told – consciously or unconsciously. The award focuses on the special achievements and projects of female architects and thus creates awareness and visibility.
Judith Schwentner Vice Mayor of the City of Graz

Judith Schwentner AT

Already in my function as City Councillor for the Environment and Equality, I have been committed to ensuring that women play an active and equal role in shaping society. The presence and representation of women in all social, public and political areas is a particular concern of mine. Women should speak out and represent their point of view. They should take up public space; discuss who plans it, how it is distributed, how we design it, who moves and how to build in it.
Selma Yildirim, Photographer: DieFotografen Member of Parliament

Selma Yildirim AT

Even today, women in technical professions are often underrepresented. I believe it is nevertheless very important that women get involved by sharing their knowledge and perspective. Women and men have often different approaches when it comes to, for instance, Baukultur, the design of living spaces. It starts, for example, with the way we travel; women use public transport much more often than men and therefore have completely different needs. Divergent perspectives signify different futures, and this comes with a close correlation with social developments.
Baukultur concerns us all. Wherever it succeeds, it improves the quality of life and enhances more than just the local economy. Ultimately, it is always about change, the design of space, of living space. Designing and planning processes never happen in a vacuum. They influence the environment, shape our country and thus also contribute towards a harmonious social community.
I am very pleased that the "anotHERVIEWture AWARD" was initiated to honour the Baukultur achievements of female architects and chartered engineering consultants. It puts women and their amazing achievements in the limelight and by doing so perhaps motivates others to do the same.
Katharina Wiesflecker Provincial Councilor Vorarlberg

Katharina Wiesflecker AT

The construction industry has always been strongly male-dominated. Slowly, however, gender relations are changing here as well: Women are taking on responsibility in the construction business as architects, as planners or in other professions. This is a good thing, because it means that the different needs of women and men are being taken into account in the planning and construction of buildings and sites. Making these women visible with the anotHERVIEWture Award is an encouragement to other women.
Beate Engelhorn, Photographer: Thomas Raggam Artistic Director, House of Architecture

Beate Engelhorn AT

Approximately 50% of students in architecture and urban design are women. But when we look at the leadership positions within the profession, we ask ourselves: Where are they? Therefore, the "anotHERVIEWture Award" is a great support to make the highly qualified female experts within the profession visible both in Austria and internationally.
Senka Nikolic Authorized Signatory, Head of Project Development & Technology

Senka Nikolic AT

Residential architecture can be a transformative and holistic force when women take on the role of experts and bring their passion, enthusiasm, and pursuit of the common good. Women's participation in the design industry brings fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Passion drives women to put their heart and soul into every project. This passion is contagious and inspires not only their teams, but also the people who will later inhabit their homes. Through authenticity, emotion and passion, works are created that positively influence people's lives and sustainably advance society. For this development, promoting the young female experts through anotHERVIEWture Award is very essential.
Martina Drescher Managing Director, Schwarzatal Gemeinnützige Wohnungs- & Siedlungsanlagen GmbH

Martina Drescher AT

Authenticity is a crucial factor when women bring their experiences and visions to residential architecture. By incorporating their own emotions and life experiences into the projects. They recognize the social, environmental and cultural impact of their work and strive to create sustainable and caring communities. Consideration of the needs of all people, regardless of gender, background or social status, becomes an integral part of their design philosophy. The diversity of women's views is a treasure in residential architecture. Each woman architect brings her unique perspective on housing, space and aesthetics, resulting in a diverse and enriching design landscape. The collaboration of diverse ideas and perspectives fosters a culture of innovation and results in remarkable and groundbreaking housing concepts.
Sigrid Lumetsberger, Photographer: Georg Wilke Project Director Mainline, Alstom

Sigrid Lumetsberger AT

The immense challenges of this century, and especially the climate crisis, impair women more than men in their daily lives. For us women it is crucial that we have female civil engineers and architects, actively shaping our world. This also assures that women's needs are well reflected in designing our buildings, bridges and public spaces, transforming them into truly inclusive and climate neutral living spaces. Women's valuable contribution to our ambience can't be overstretched.
"You can't be what you don't see!" this award encourages every woman in her individual path on shaping our future living.
Arno Ritter Director aut. Architektur und Tirol

Arno Ritter AT

The architecture and public spaces between buildings affect everyone, women, children and the elderly. In terms of the upcoming transformation of our social model and the common living space, these issues must also be viewed from different perspectives in the future and sustainable solutions must ultimately be planned. The "anotHERVIEWture Award" plays an important role in communicating the contributions of women in this transformation process to a broad public.
Selma Arapovic, Photographer: NEOS Wien Member of the Vienna State Parliament and City Council, Spokesperson for urban development, urban planning, urban renewal, housing, State team

Selma Arapovic AT

Despite the presence of admirable role models, addressing educational barriers and dismantling the pervasive "glass ceiling" remains crucial in encouraging women's active participation in technical and high-level professions from an early stage. It is essential to recognize that in professions where women are underrepresented, concerted efforts are needed to promote, support, and highlight their accomplishments. Therefore, I firmly believe that initiatives like this award play a pivotal role in empowering women in technical fields, generating inspiring role models for emerging female architects and Engineers.
Daniel Fügenschuh, Photographer: Katharina Schiffl President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants

Daniel Fügenschuh AT

Architecture thrives on diversity. We achieve innovation and quality through a change of perspective and openness. The underrepresentation of women in technical professions therefore has a negative impact on Baukultur. By highlighting outstanding female achievements, the AnotHERVIEWture Award is a crucial flagship project that benefits both gender equality and our built environment.
Heidrun Schlögl, Photographer: Pamela Schmatz Managing Director, ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich

Heidrun Schlögl AT

Women are still much less inclined to study technical subjects than men. This fact makes prices like this one even more important: In bringing planning women in front of the curtain. So excellent female architects, landscape architects and urban planners become role models for others and help to encourage women to take on such professions.
Franz Koppelstätter, Photographer: Jürgen Grünwald Director afo architekturforum oberösterreich

Franz Koppelstätter AT

Architecture and public spaces are of higher practical quality when the composition of planners reflect the social composition of a society. Women – and planners with a migration background – are severely underrepresented in decision-making and design professions. We as a community have a lot to gain by levelling out this imbalance. Let’s change the framework!
Klaus Thürriedl, Photographer: Katharina Schiffl Vice-President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants

Klaus Thürriedl AT

We need more women in technical professions. Engineering in particular has a strongly male-dominated image. Projects like the AnotHERVIEWture Award play a crucial role in making our profession more diverse by highlighting female achievements. The winners are role models for young people and bring us closer to a future in which women are equally represented in technical professions.
Kristina Macherhammer, Photographer: Weinwurm Chairwoman Architecture Raumburgenland, architect, author, publisher

Kristina Macherhammer AT

To successfully reach girls and young women in the construction culture communication, there needs to be existing Role-models, who have demonstrated admirable and sustainable achievements. Extraordinary Personalities can not only show, but explain and demonstrate to our successors, how promising, outstanding and versatile the feminine contribution to the construction and engineering business can be – the feminine contribution not just enriches these technical fields, but it is also essential - not just optional.
Matthias Rant, Photographer: Gregor Buchhaus Civil engineer, entrepreneur, technical expert and artist

Matthias Rant AT

Our society is harmonious when both genders are equally present and work together.
Architects shape our environment, so the interaction and shaping of our environment - also by these two elements, the female and the male - must be shaped in order to be balanced and harmonious.