Oksana Hetman, © TEMPT architects, Photographer: TEMPT architects

Oksana Hetman UA

| Kyiv

Oksana is an architect with demonstrated history of working in international companies on wide range of projects and active social activity in promoting sustainable architecture. She completed her Bachelor studies in Kyiv, Ukraine and her Masters in Tallinn, Estonia. Last four years Oksana worked on energy-efficient timber-frame projects and designed offsite systems for sustainable and affordable residential complexes in Nordics. Currently Oksana is an MPhil candidate at the University of Cambridge, where she researches sustainable natural materials and particularly its' application in prefabricated building production.

Apart from design practice, Oksana is a member of Association of Sustainable Development Experts, a member of the Expert Committee (grant/projects reviewer) at the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and an EU Climate Pact Ambassador. She was an invited Expert of the month in Green Cities block for the Xperienceships (Barcelona), an educational platform for youth; a lecturer at the CreaCamp (Kyiv & Munich) workshop's Sustainable Architecture block; a mentor at Garage48 Digital Building Hackathon (Tallinn & Helsinki) and a speaker at Forum Wood Baltics'21 conference in Riga.