Martina Legat, © ©, Photographer: Renate Legat

Martina Legat AT
Wacholderweg 10 | 8042 Graz

Architect DI Martina Legat
- born 1978 in Graz, Austria
- 1997 diploma at the Graz Ortweinschule
for Construction - Art - Design (HTL)
- Study of architecture
at the Graz University of Technology
Diploma 2006 with distinction
- since 2011 valid authority with office in Graz

Martina Legat / LEGAT architecture ZT
Martina Legat graduated from the Graz Ortwein School for CONSTRUCTION - ART - DESIGN with a focus on visual design, after which she studied architecture at the Graz University of Technology. Since 2006 she has been teaching at the Institute for Urban Design and from 2013 at the Institute for KOEN Design and Drafting. After working in various offices, she works as a freelance architect and founded the architectural office LEGAT architektur ZT in 2011. The core themes of the office are new construction and existing buildings, including historical buildings (monument protection) in the areas of housing, single-family homes, sports and leisure, healthcare, gastronomy, trade, education, culture, tourism, public space and interior design.
- since 2006 teaching assignments
at the Graz University of Technology