Irene Yerro, © Tanya Shuhai, Photographer: Tanya Shuhai

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Gumpendorferstrasse 35, 1, 24 | 14060 Wien

Irene Yerro is an architect, interior designer and urban researcher. Along with a degree in Architecture by ETSAUN (Pamplona, Spain) she holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture from ETH Zurich and a PhD in Urban planning from the Technical University of Vienna. She has over 20 years of professional experience in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Austria and has collaborated with some of Europe’s most renowned architecture and planning firms.

She has been planning high quality architecture projects and managing multi-disciplinary teams. Her research work in urban agriculture has been published in public, academic and professional forums and presented in international exhibitions. She has participated and presented at conferences and symposia throughout Europe.