Bettina Dreier, © Kammer der Ziviltechnikerinnen für Steiermark und Kärnten, Photographer: Marija Kanizaj

Bettina Dreier AT
St.Veiter Str. | 8046 Graz


St.-Veiter-Straße 158c, 8046 Graz, Austria, Europe
* 1962 Vienna

married to architect DI Klaus Dreier
daughters Lisa Barbara * 1990 and Mira Sophie * 1993, grandson Felix * 2021, granddaughter Sophie * 2023

since 2004 CEO and Principal Architect at 3r architekten, Graz, AT
2004 Legally Sworn and Court-Certified Expert Graz, AT
1994 Fully Chartered Architect Graz, AT
1980 - 1988 Studies of architecture TU Graz, AT
1972 - 1980 Grammar school, Bundesgymnasium Steyr, AT

Mrs. Dreier studied architecture in Graz, accompanied by numerous trips to South America and Asia. She practiced in the studios of Gruppe 3, TEAM A and Ernst Giselbrecht before she founded her own office in Graz, which she has been sharing with her husband since the foundation.
As an architect she deals with the revitalization of old buildings, she designs schools and training centers, as well as the practices of veterinarians and housing. During the last years one of the important fields of her activity has been the provision of expert opinions to Austrian courts with regard to knowledge of building construction details.
As the chairwoman of the Committee of Austrian Women Architects and Chartered Engineers, she strives to promote equity for women particularly within the professional environment of architects and chartered engineers.